Court Services & Research
USA Legal Network offers prompt filing and court research services in all Federal and State Courts in every jurisdiction across the United States.

Service of Process
Our highly professional and experienced staff capably provides coverage of all aspects of service of process including: Stakeouts, hard-to-serve, multiple-party, as well as preparing and filing proofs of service per request.

Messenger Service
We utilizes bicycles, automobiles, motorcycles, vans, trucks, commercial and charter aircraft… to deliver items of all sizes and priorities… to destinations locally, as well as throughout the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Records Retrieval & Deposition Officer
Banking – Employment – Hospital – Physician – Medical – Billing – Radiology: As our client, you want to focus on what matters most – time management.

Facilities Management
USA Legal Network can provide your office with a fully trained on-site coordinator to manage all of your firm’s attorney and messenger service requirements.

Court Run & Retainer Pickup
We will, at your request, dispatch one of our team members to come to your office to retrieve any court filings, it will be filed on a next day basis, with conformed copies returned on the following day, unless specified otherwise.

Attorney Support Services

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Court Filings
Service Of Process
Records Retrieval
Messenger Services

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No Fuel Surcharges
No Waiting Time
No per charge per document
No charge to PDF Conformed Copies

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For every 10 jobs new clients have
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About USA Legal

USA Legal Network provides efficient litigation support services throughout Los Angeles, the surrounding areas, statewide, as well as throughout the United States. Our definition of service matches our clients expectation. For immediate service, call (800) 253-0123 or fill out our form today for court filing services, a professional California process server, or to obtain medical or business records.


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